Factors to Help You Know of Your Eligibility to the Medicare Advantage Program

Private insurance companies usually issue Medicare supplement mission policies in Viejo as a special type of policy. They have contracts with the Medicare and can offer the Part-A and B advantages to the policyholders.

Medicare advantage policies in Viejo are able to access medical services that are not catered for in the original health insurance mission cover. Some of these policies also provide coverage for prescription medications, eye care, dental care, hearing and health programs. It is not easy as people think to become eligible. Several conditions have to be met to be eligible for this plan in Viejo. You can  Click Here for More Details.


To qualify for Medicare advantage mission in Viejo, you have to prove that you are above 65 years. You are also required to give proof that you were qualified to get social security benefits for a minimum of 24 months if you are below 65 years.

Health Conditions

You are required to declare your health conditions before you can be able to access this Medicare advantage insurance cover. A written letter from a qualified health practitioner in the clinic you got to should be provided in case you have a severe illness for you to get special needs cover added to your supplement policy.  Learn More Here for more info.

This is a crucial factor when it comes to Medicare supplement mission policy In Viejo. It is imperative that one is a citizen and a resident of Viejo to be considered for this Medicare Advantage plan. It is advisable to go to the Medicare website and learn more about what this entails. If you are not a citizen, then you have to have your social security number for you to be eligible for this policy. You should also have stayed in the country continuously for more than five years to be eligible for this Medicare advantage mission plan.

Tax payment

For you to qualify for Medicare Advantage or supplement mission policy in Viejo, you should have paid taxes adequately and regularly. It is also a requirement that individuals who want this cover to have been employed for at least ten years with a company that offers the Medical advantage plan to its employees. This also applies if your spouse has been working for a company with the medical supplement cover for the last decade or so.

For more detailed information of people who qualify for this plan, check out the official Medicare website to learn more about the criteria they consider when applying for this cover.

Functionality of Medicare Advantage Mission Policy

Various private insurance companies sell Medicare supplement mission policies. If you want to get this plan, it is certain that you will be covered both for the hospital you will attend and the medical services you will get that is not on the original plan. Advantage plans cover all medical services and are more beneficial. Most of the Medicare Advantage plans provide prescription medication policy, but others don't.